Grunge Become United #3




Roll Die/ Event Division from Tangerang Is Dead (Tangerang Grunge Community), asked me to make graphic requirement for their annual event. Then I thought an illustration of a girl who puke and spittle it out would fit to that event, it represents its grunge, later i named this Loose and Shine. Enjoy this wisely. – single f







LooseAndShine-Detail2-by-grafikri LooseAndShine-Detail3-by-grafikri LooseAndShine-Detail4-by-grafikri LooseAndShine-Detail5-by-grafikri



Applied on 3x2m Backdrop, A5 Flyer, and Tee Merchandise.

LooseAndShine-Preview-Backdrop-by-grafikri LooseAndShine-Preview-Flyer-by-grafikri LooseAndShine-Preview-MerchTee-by-grafikri

vector and digital painting illustration, flyer, backdrop, tees, were made by gfri / event by rolldie: tangerang is dead


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