Drink Drunk Grunge #7

Collective Gig from Tangerang Is Dead called Drink Drunk Grunge announced. My Band have listed on the #3, i felt the atmosphere it was chaotic and fun tough, the drinks, crowd surfings, etc. were usual views at there. So when they asked me again to make the graphic requirement for the gig, I choosed one superb shot by Peter Balonon-Rosen, since i can’t find other visual docummentation. Enjoy this wisely! – Single F


DDG7-Preview-01-Flyer-by-GFRI DDG7-Preview-02-Backdrop-by-GFRI DDG7-Preview-03-Tee-Black-by-GFRI DDG7-Preview-04-Tee-White-by-GFRI

Retouched, Flyer, Backdrop, Tee, were made designed by gfri / Photo by Peter Balonon-Rosen, shot at Bad Taste record release show, 9 April 2010. Posted on maximunrocknroll.com / Event by Tangerang Is Dead


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