Aztec Vesture Co. – Tees Illustration



Aztec Vesture Co. was just built on August ’12, the clothing company that represents visual of natives and ethnic cult. On the first edition they trusted the tee illustration to me, then I researched its character and turned it into 6 illustrations for the tees. I also titled the edition with “sixtillus series”, i figured out that the month they’re built up and released was August, and before January and February added, august was named Sixtillus. Enjoy this wisely! -single f





sixtillus-tee1-snowflake-by-gfri sixtillus-tee2-droomvangor-by-gfri sixtillus-tee3-geyma-by-gfri sixtillus-tee4-nordicfur-by-gfri sixtillus-tee5-ntombi-by-gfri sixtillus-tee6-falcon-by-gfri

vector illustration were made by gfri / produced by Aztec Vesture Co. /



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